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Pulse PowerStrap

Elastics for kids shoes!

Improve the performance & fit of your boot with the PULSE PowerStrap.

Stiff Vinyl paired with a ratchet strap, provide you with all day security in your ski boots

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Dissent Nano Tour

The best socks on the planet!

Designed, Built & Tested by a mad scientist in Whistler!

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The short of it, Pulse Boot Lab is awesome and if you are in need of a new boot or work done on an old one I highly recommend going to see the folks at Pulse.

M Martin

I bought a pair of ski boots back in October and they are the most comfortable pair of boots ever. The fitting was fantastic, the guys were knowledgeable and even better....the boots are soooo comfy. No need for adjustments- they got it right the first time around.

A Pow

Pulse is amazing, I now can ski all day and my feet don’t hurt and I have complete control of my skis. My ski days are longer till last chair and my skiing much improved due to being in complete control.

Simply the best!

J Breedon