Storing and caring for your boots

How a few simple steps prolong the life of your boots.

Riders have a love/hate relationship with spring. On the one hand, it means above-freezing temperatures, fewer layers, and sunny days. On the other, it marks the dreaded end of the season. Either way, every day brings us one step closer to needing to hang up our skis (and our boots) until next winter.


Something not often covered off when buying your equipment is how to properly store your boots. You’ve made an investment in a piece of gear that will serve you for years to come — but only if taken care of properly.


Whether it’s after a day on the mountain or at the end of the season, we recommend following these steps to increase the lifetime of your ski boots.


1. During the season / short-term storage:

  • Fasten the buckles between uses to prevent cuff splay.
  • Store your boots off of cold floors to facilitate drying. We recommend keeping them at room temperature, so be wary of putting them in an unheated garage, shed, balcony or storage locker. Leaving them in the car outside overnight is also a bad idea.
  • Too much heat isn’t a good thing either. Keep your boots away from heat sources that may cause a fire or distort your shells, liners, and footbeds (i.e. don’t place them too close to a fireplace).
  • If your feet get excessively sweaty or wet, remove the liners between uses so that they have the chance to dry out.
  • If needed, consider a dryer like the Theramic Compact Dryer. Be wary of homemade dryers that might be too hot.

2. Off-season / long-term storage:

  • Avoid storing your boots in wet places where mildew and mole may grow on your liners. A balcony exposed to the rain and snow would be a bad call.
  • On that note, allow your boots to fully dry before packing them away for the season in a box or bag.
  • Avoid sources of heat and direct sunlight.
  • Remember what we said earlier about a garage or shed? Those places can also get hot during the summer, so be mindful of keeping boots there.
  • PSA: Mice love ski boots. So make sure they’re stored in a box, container or bag that is mouse-proof. Or else give ‘em a good upside down shake before putting them back on next season.


As a final note, always thank Ullr — the god of winter — for his snowy bounty.

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