Guarantee & Policy

At PULSE Custom Boot Lab we provide an extensive guarantee with all of our boots. Read below to find out how you're covered, ensuring you get the most out of your boots.

Fit Guaranteee

If you are having fitting issues with your Pulse Custom Fit Boots, please come in store or get in touch with us. We will do our best to find a solution based on the product or problem. Only after all other avenues have been exhausted we will consider an exchange or refund. Our guarantee covers you for the life of the boot and/or life of the liner.

Our credit/refund guarantee only applies to our Full Custom Fit Packages (boot, custom footbed, ProFit Liner). Boots purchased with stock or TruFit liners hold a limited guarantee. With our limited guarantee, we will happily work on your boots within reason, however, stock liners often change fitting direction and we are therefore unable to offer a credit or refund. There are a few things we can not offer a guarantee on, but are happy to work with you: warmth / discounted products / medical issues (circulation, soft tissue,
hypersensitivity, etc.) Our fit guarantee does not cover product manufacturing warranty.

Boot Work Policy

When we are working with a customers existing boots purchased elsewhere, we are only able to make sound and logical suggestions. However, because the boot and/or stock liner may be the root of the
problem, we do not guarantee any products or services provided to boots not purchased at Pulse. As a courtesy we will include one round of boot modifications with the purchase of a footbed. There are a few key absolutes that exist in boot fitting:

The boot must be the right size, shape and volume for an individual.

Proper support in a ski boot is integral to its’ fit and function as it relates to comfort and control. We will always try to address a problem through adding support first, then working from there to remedy issues.

If footbeds and/or boot work do not solve the problem, or if they create other problems, it is a good indication that the problem is the boot. Sometimes there is no fixing a problematic boot as the boot itself is likely to be the root of the problem.

Footbeds in the wrong boot can be problematic, but they also may help the problem. In a boot with sufficient support, footbeds are complimentary. When lacking support from the boot, we may be asking the footbed to do more than it is intended to. As it relates to support, footbeds need the boot, and the boot needs the footbed.

We cannot gauge an individuals level of sensitivity, nor can we gauge their ability to adapt to a high level of support. Especially in a boot we did not fit.

Even in the right boot, stock liners can be problematic as they are generally designed simply to be comfortable in the shop.

We understand your frustrations and are here to help. However, if we did not fit you with the boot, please understand that we cannot help if we can’t have a conversation and try to work through the problems together.