The right socks for your boots

Socks will make or break your next run.

Here are our sock recommendations

If you’re looking at boots, chances are you should be looking at socks too. After all, they make the perfect pair — one can’t work properly without the other.

Most people tend to overlook ski socks. They’re a mere afterthought once you’ve chosen your skis, helmet, goggles, coat, boots, under-layers, and the seemingly endless list of other ski or snowboard gear.

But we’ve got to level with you: choosing the right socks is crucial. It can make or break your day on the slopes without you even realizing it.


Can I wear regular everyday socks while skiing?

You can… but we don’t recommend it. We can guarantee you’ll be far less comfortable than you should be.


Are ski socks supposed to fit thin or thick?

It’s counterintuitive, but thick socks tend to actually make your feet colder than thin socks. In part, this is because thick socks can bunch up, cutting off circulation. Thick socks also hold onto moisture, leading to wet feet.


What should I look for in socks?

Proper socks — that is, socks designed for winter sport conditions — will wick sweat away from your feet. Look for a natural material like merino wool, which naturally pulls sweat into the liner.


What ski sock brands do you recommend?

We highly recommend (and carry) Darn Tough socks. They come with a lifetime warranty on every pair. We also love Dissent Compression Ski Socks (Nano Tour & DLX Wool) because they have unmatched ankle compression. To top it off, they’re made in Whistler!

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