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Overlord 183 #6214

Overlord 183 #6214

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The Overlord is Prior’s go to BIG mountain ski.

Wide, strong, and playful, the Overlord’s shape offers incredible stability at speed while providing unmatched agility through critical sections & deep snow.

We have further refined the tip and tail as well as increasing the side cut to give it increased responsiveness at a wide variety of speeds.

Incorporating a Hybrid Rocker profile design provides additional float and turn initiation with confidence.


Note: These skis feature a translucent topsheet allowing the handcrafted locally-sourced wood to shine through !


Serial No.: 2306214

Topsheet: Twin Green

Base: Prior Crown Tips Blue / Yellow


Located at our partner Retailer in Revelstoke, BC. Can be shipped within 1-2 business days

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